Precision Shaper T systems

Pricing Starting at $9,999.99


The Precision Shaper T (Table) Systems are the perfect automation solution for any shop producing wood, foams, polymers and metal  products.  The adjustable table bed allows for a countless milling capabilities and tool path options. This dynamic design is open to a plethora of hardware and software upgrades. Packed with power, speed and accuracy while being extremely simple to use.  

 Our PST systems are available in sizes 2'x4',  4'x4',  4'x8' and  custom sizes. T systems can be fitted with routers, spindles, plasma and drag knives making our T systems the most flexible and dynamic system on the market. Machines options are fully assembled/tested or kit with documentation and instructional videos.  Made to order in the USA. 

System Specs:

* Plug and play. Fast, easy set up. 

* Anti vibration design. 

* Low, simple and affordable maintenance. 

* Accu-belt drive system designed specific to handle the task XYZ or Accu screw drives also available. 

* Hi torq motors

* Can be fitted with router, spindle, plasma or drag knife. 

* Drive accuracy +/- 0.125 mm    Repeatability 0.125" 

* System Resolution X/Y/Z 0.127 mm

* V-Carve Desktop software included. 

* Simplified User-interface for efficiency. 

* Fully Supported

* Made in the USA 

Precision Shaper T system 2017 pricing 

PST  2'x2' $9,999.99

PST 4'x4' $12,999.99

PST 4'x8' $14,999.99

Product examples:

I travelled 2200 miles to meet and order a custom PST System. Our T system is versatile enough to make signs, table inlays, cabinet doors, profiles and has even etched glass. This machine is solid and has proven to be very flexible. Precision Shaper has provided excellent support. These guys have proven to be a great resource. We are both happy and proud to be an owner of this Precision Shaper T system!
— Terry Volz, Volz Extreme mfg. Laguna Vista, Texas