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    Welcome to Precision Shaper support. To schedule a support call please use the booking calendar provided below. To purchase annual PSD renewal/upgrade, see section below calendar - licenses expire 1/1. For g-code file creation submit the form below the PSD upgrade. For other general inquiries please complete the contact form found at the bottom of any page.

    To renew your PSD annual license and receive updates please use the options below to purchase.
    Current price is $100
    Licenses Expire on 1/1 annually.

    Select gcode output options PSD or Shape 3D. Select cutter flat or round. Load blank and design file. Provide your H1 post distance from tail stop and H1/H2 post heights. We will send back gcode files to run your Precision Shaper 8,AIO or X System along with screen shot documentation. Machine speeds are preset to optimize cutting on Precision Shaper machines. Expect 20 min +- for shortboards. Tool path is automatically set for close tolerance cutting.
    Disclaimer: Using Precision Shaper gcode generator service is sole responsibility of the customer. You must provide accurate cutter/post locations and place accordingly. Using this service customer accepts full responsibility and liability. Precision Shaper is not responsible for blank- design files submitted nor responsible for any accidents or losses using this service. We do not store your files for back up or include machine support. For additional support see our support section.