2001 Precision Shaper Systems was founded by Mike Ewaliko as a research and development company focused on creating innovative robotic technologies and products.  The Precision Shapers  were created to serve demanding and discerning designers seeking automated production assistance.  Designed to be a homogenous hardware and software package, the Precision Shaper Systems have proved to be highly accurate, robust, dependable and easy to maintain.  They are found on every continent working daily in the largest metropolitan cities and the most desolate remote locations. 

We remain committed to further developing our systems keeping up with the fast changing technology environment. Our dedication and growing customer base proves we have developed the perfect union for man and machine. 

Our success has allowed us to serve new markets,  businesses, artisans and engineers depend on them daily to manage the creation of their products.


A visual history of Precision Shaper Systems 

A system should be simple to understand. Too many options and widgets prove counterproductive. We are focused on bettering the man/machine relationship, striving for perfection. Always providing unrivaled support that our customers deserve.
— Mike Ewaliko - Precision Shaper Systems